Meet Dave

“My specialty is residential sprinkler repairs. No job is too small. I am the problem solver, and finish every job I start. I stand behind my work so it is fully guaranteed and to work for years.

I’ll do those jobs that everyone else seems to have trouble with.  My clients tell me that they wish they would’ve called me years earlier.

I’ve done jobs where a contractor could not finish and we did it at a reasonable rate.  We’re competitive most of all and get the job done right the first time.

I’ll show you professional service and a professional staff.”

Dave Ferdon,

Owner/Operator of *Sprinklers*

Dave is a Master trouble shooter!


Do any of these problems apply to you?

  • Poor Coverage
  • Flow Control is bad
  • Poor Efficiency

Are these terms familiar to you?

  • Smart Controllers
  • Vacuum Breakers (anti syphone/back flow valves)
  • Blow out, Shut down, Winterization
  • Rainbird, Toro, Hunter, Water Master

“With years of experience as a Master troubleshooter and technician, I’ll get you flowin’ again, and your lawn Green again.”

8 Comments on “Meet Dave

  1. I have a zone that is not getting enough pressure. Two things. Break in a pipe somewhere or looks like I might have 2 zones set on one.

    I live in Thornton

  2. Hi Dave,

    Can you provide an estimate (cost and schedule) to blow out my sprinklers? First, my house lot is approx 125′ x 100′. I have 18 sprinkler zones, but most zones only have 3-4 sprinkler heads.

  3. Hello Dave,
    I need my sprinkler system looked at. We have not run it in a couple of years so we need an expert to make sure it is running correctly.

  4. Purchased home last fall want someone to take a look at system and check out . Also have 2 broken heads that need repaired.

  5. Hi Dave,
    Our copper water line from the pressure relief valve to the control box blew a hole and will need replacing. Is this something you can help us with?

  6. Hey Dave,
    I did not know you were back doing sprinklers again. This is “Jay” in Thornton. Great to see that you are serving the community again.

  7. Can you call me reference a start up and possibly replacing sprinkler heads with water efficient sprinklers.

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