Getting Irrigation Service With Reclaimed Water Hookups For Residential And Commercial Lawns

The efficient maintenance of residential and commercial lawns requires the hiring of a reputable professional irrigation service that also provides reclaimed water hookups. It would be best if the company also has the expertise for new irrigation installations and maintenance. Furthermore, if there is much sod to cover, it would be best to have a pump and well installed for adequate water supply. The same company should be able to provide pump and well service, including drilling, for deep and shallow wells. For even more convenience, the care of lawns should be packaged by the same company with landscaping and landscape lighting services, including the installation of telescoping flagpoles.

Reclaimed water is waste water that has been processed and treated for sanitation. It comes out clear and odourless and is safe for the environment. When your irrigation service uses reclaimed water for your lawns, drinking water is spared and saved. Often, as much as 50% of an areas drinking water supply is used only for the irrigation of lawns. Using reclaimed water, therefore, goes a long way in the conservation of natural resources. This is also why it is important to go to an irrigation service company that can do reclaimed water hookups.

Even when using reclaimed water, water can still be wasted if the irrigation system used is problematic. There may be leaks that you do not even notice, especially if they are underground. Make sure you get a reputable company to do your new irrigation installations and that they provide regular maintenance as well as long term warranties on parts and service. Check the quality of the equipment that they provide to ensure that you get a reliable brand.

To save even more on your water bills, you might want to have a pump and well installed on your property. You will need not only installation and drilling services for deep and shallow wells but also expert advice on the laws governing this, as well as health and sanitation considerations. A good pump and well service company should be able to provide you with all the information you need.

Make sure your new pump and well do not mar your landscaping. It would be better if your pump and well are installed with both practical and decorative functions, or that they are at least camouflaged. If the company you hire for your pump and well service also does landscaping, they will understand this concern and will be able to address it properly. They may even improve your landscaping, including your landscape lighting.

Many residential and commercial landscapes these days have telescoping flagpoles installed. Having the flag flying overhead makes a strong statement and boosts peoples morale especially in times of crisis. Telescoping flagpoles are convenient because they can easily be set up or dismantled when necessary. Make sure you get one that is durable and does not rust. Ask the same company that does your lawn irrigation services and landscaping about this. Chances are, they provide telescoping flagpoles, as well.

Remember, hiring one company that provides all your needs for the upkeep of residential and commercial lawns will not only bring you convenience but will also enable you to cut costs. Most companies would give you a low package price when you avail of several of their services. This could include irrigation service with reclaimed water hookups, new irrigation installations and maintenance, pump and well service for deep and shallow wells including drilling, landscaping, landscape lighting and the provision of telescoping flagpoles. If you find a company that serves all the aforementioned needs while being accredited and rated highly by the Better Business Bureau, you are in luck.

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